Manabu Nakamura

Managing Partner

Manabu Nakamura joined The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan in 1991. In 1994, he worked at a VC firm in Tokyo, and was promoted to Managing Director of Shinsei Corporate Investment in 2012. With 19 years of experience in VC, he founded Shinsei Capital Partners in 2018. Nakamura holds a BA in economics from Kyoto University and an MBA from University of Rochester.

Ryo Fujinami


Ryo Fujinami joined Shinsei Corporate Investment in 2016 and Shinsei Capital Partners in 2019. Previously, he worked at Abbott Japan, where for 15 years he developed in vitro diagnostics for cancer, infectious, metabolic, and cardiac diseases. Fujinami holds a BS in engineering from Osaka City University and a M.Sc.Eng. from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Tetsuya Kurihara


Tetsuya Kurihara joined Shinsei Corporate Investment in 2018 and Shinsei Capital Partners in 2019. Previously, he was in charge of academic-industrial alliances, VC, and biotech incubation at Bayer Yakuhin. He also worked in the Investment Banking Division of Citigroup, where he provided M&A and financial advisory services to healthcare clients. Kurihara is a graduate of the University of Tokyo.

Tatsuhiko Fujimoto


Tatsuhiko Fujimoto joined Shinsei Capital Partners in 2020. Previously, he served as a medicinal chemist specializing in metabolic disorders and CNS diseases at Takeda and Nissan Chemical. At Takeda, he led development of orexin agonists. Fujimoto holds a BS, MS, and Ph.D. in Engineering from Osaka University.