Innovation changes the world


Japan has a high level of global competitiveness in life sciences fostered by sustained efforts and innovation breakthroughs that many researchers in academia, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies are bringing forward. Our mission is to help such research outcomes to be funded and to catalyze the translation of innovative medicines and digital health technologies serving the needs of the patients.

For patients suffering from diseases, for people involved in healthcare such as researchers, medical doctors, and employees of pharmaceutical companies, we contribute to the most promising technology innovations through the hands-on leverage of our deep knowledge of the sector and unique experiences in finance and drug development. 

Investment Area

~ Drug Discovery ~

~ Platform Technology ~

~ Digital Health ~


Startup companies engaged in life science such as biotech or digital health technology

Digital health company means a company which develops IT solutions for i) people in terms of health management, disease prevention, diagnosis, therapy, disease management, and nursing care, or ii) healthcare industry in terms of drug discovery & development, medical information, distribution system by leveraging AI, big data, IoT, VR, etc.


Companies which headquarters are in Japan or companies which do their main business in Japan


Early stage or after